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Private Practitioners Left Out of COVID-19 Vaccination Efforts, Despite High Risk

When COVID-19 vaccines became available for physicians in December 2020, Howard Green, a Florida dermatologist in his early 60s, waited to hear about his vaccination appointment from a Tenet Healthcare hospital he’s affiliated with. But the call never came. Green wasn’t placed on the high-priority list, despite performing Mohs surgeries, which involve removing microscopic skin…

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Doctors Are ‘Guardedly Optimistic’ About 2021

Last year was “brutal, exhilarating, terrifying, awesome, and ultimately grueling” for Jonathan Golob, assistant professor of infectious disease at the University of Michigan. Around Easter, he volunteered to be part of a team handling surge capacity for the hospital’s respiratory intensive care cases, as doctors were still learning how to care for patients and effectively…

The COVID-19 Vaccine Cheat Sheet: How to Effectively Address Common Patient Concerns

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advisors have begun to review Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for the first two COVID-19 vaccines, much-awaited remedies since the pandemic began last spring. If approved, the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna Inc. vaccines will begin to arrive at health departments and hospitals shortly after. Patients will likely have a myriad of…

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