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Apps for Diabetes Patients

App Recommendations for Diabetes Sufferers

Affecting roughly 9.3% of the population in 2012 and listed as the seventh leading cause of death in the US, diabetes cannot be ignored. Diabetes requires time, and close management of ones condition, to stay as healthy as possible.

Virtual Doctors

Will Virtual Doctors Become More Commonplace Than Face-to-Face Doctor Visits?

We are living in a world of convenience. Fast-food restaurants are around every corner, television shows can be streamed instantly, and the answer to almost any question is just a Google search away. Medicine is also becoming more convenient through health-centric smartphone apps and EMRs, but the real convenience lies with virtual doctors. For many practices, no longer will patients have to get out of bed and travel to their doctor’s office when they are feeling sick. A virtual doctor is just a mouse click away.

iOS and Android Apps for Medical Professionals on the Go

iOS and Android Apps for Medical Professionals on the Go

We live in the information age. Data are at our fingertips, but efficiently locating the relevant and important data is the trick. Time spent foraging for information is time wasted. And time is inevitably something that we as human beings are always lacking. The apps suggested below are designed to help you be more efficient and are all available for both iOS and Android mobile devices.

Smartphone and Medicine

The Smartphone and Medicine

Ten years ago, no one would have imagined that a smartphone could be useful in health care, but these devices have improved rapidly, with specifications and processing power increasing exponentially, and lending themselves to resilience and adaptability. Amazing advances have been made available for both iOS- and Android-powered smartphones recently that are capable of changing the landscape and our mindset regarding how we use technology to advance the diagnosis and prevention of many illnesses.

Tech Tips for iPhone IOS7

Tech Tips for iPhone IOS7: Here’s our 7 on 7, or 7 of our favorite new things about IOS7.

Big news for the iPhone IOS7 is iTunes Radio, which lets you enter in an artist, song, or genre, and you will get a station that plays songs similar in nature. There are options to like the song, dislike it so it doesn’t play again, or buy it and add it to your iTunes music library. There’s an audio ad every 15 to 30 minutes, but it’s free customized radio so that isn’t a bad deal.

Mobile Tips & Tricks: iOS

Mobile Tips & Tricks: iOS (iPhone & iPad)

Technology is ever changing. It is getting faster, smaller, and more intuitive. Are you up-to-date with the latest thingamajig or app (that’s short for application for all you fogies)? Do you know your LOL from SMH? To help you out, we’ve created a compilation of the best how-tos, tips, tricks, and hacks for your iOS mobile devices. Use it, share it, and enjoy it.

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