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Social Ties to Teen Sleep Problems

Social Ties More Important Than Biology When it Comes to Teen Sleep Problems

Medical researchers point to developmental factors, specifically the decline of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin, as an explanation for why children get less sleep as they become teenagers. But a new study suggests that social ties, including relationships with peers and parents, may be even more responsible for changing sleep patterns among adolescents.

Sleep Better, Look Better

Sleep Better, Look Better? New Research Says Yes

First scientific look at how sleep apnea treatment affects appearance — alertness, youthfulness attractiveness — may help patients stick with care

Getting treatment for a common sleep problem may do more than help you sleep better – it may help you look better over the long term, too, according to a new research study from the University of Michigan Health System and Michigan Technological University.

Snoring May Be Early Sign of Future Health Risks

Snoring May Be Early Sign of Future Health Risks

Here’s a wake-up call for snorers: Snoring may put you at a greater risk than those who are overweight, smoke or have high cholesterol to have thickening or abnormalities in the carotid artery, according to researchers at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.

The increased thickening in the lining of the two large blood vessels that supply the brain with oxygenated blood is a precursor to atherosclerosis, a hardening of the arteries responsible for many vascular diseases.

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