Robotic Surgery

Robotic Assisted Surgery

Surgery Mechanical Malfunction

Technological advances help to improve our lives, often by increasing efficiency and reducing mishaps. The medical field, similar to NASA, has pioneered and test piloted numerous cutting-edge devices.

Robotic Surgery in Space

Robotic Surgery in Space

It’s 2025 and you’re serving as medical officer on a crew traveling on the first manned spaceflight to Mars. You’ve trained for this mission for years, and NASA’s doctors gave you a clean bill of health before you left on the 6-month trip to the Red Planet. You wake up on day 121 of the mission with a dull pain in your stomach that over several hours becomes sharper upon palpation in the right lower quadrant. You have no appetite and are feeling nauseated. You shrug it off as being the result of the freeze-dried chili you had for dinner the night before. But later in the day, you begin vomiting and are now running a fever of 101°F.

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