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Doctors to the Stars

Doctors to the Stars

Every time a celebrity dies from a prescription drug overdose or botched medical procedure, the first questions are understandably pointed at the medical professionals involved with the individual.

Pros and Cons of Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Pros and Cons of Patient Satisfaction Surveys

When you’re a medical provider, the customer isn’t always right. Letting patients dictate the scope of service, as is done in fields such as retail, results in dangerous situations and potentially poor outcomes.

New ICD-10 Coding System

New ICD-10 Coding System May Cloud Hospital Safety

Changes in how medical diagnoses are coded under the latest international disease classification system (better known as the ICD-10 codes) may complicate the assessment of hospital safety, say researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Top 10 New Drugs up for FDA Approval

Top 10 New Drugs up for FDA Approval

With the numerous advancements being made in medicine every day, its easy to forget how long it can take for a treatment to go from the lab to the hands of a patient.

Keeping a Medical Office Clean

Keeping a Medical Office Clean

First impressions say much to a prospective patient, and working in a clean environment is essential for medical staff. Clean waiting rooms, exam rooms, front desks, and bathrooms are important. Keeping germs at bay is prudent. How many patients complain that they don’t like going to the doctor (or hospitals) because they always get sick? In the medical office, a simple surface cleaning and pickup just is not enough.

Online Doctor Reviews

Online Doctor Reviews and What You Can Do

One of the biggest changes wrought by Internet transparency is the ability of almost anyone to air both opinion and grievance to a wide audience. For physicians, and all other professionals in the field, this freedom has brought some challenges. Grievance, rather than praise, is more likely to motivate individuals to take to the web to make their comments public. Good reviews are expressed online, but dont tend to carry as much weight as the cautionary tale. Angry patients often turn to the public and their peers online to register grievances, which in some cases can feel like character assassination.

Medical School Costs

Prohibitive Costs of Medical School and Incurred Debt

Student debt is a concern in the US overall, with college costs increasing at a higher rate than inflation for decades now. The rate of tuition increase for medical schools has exceeded other areas of graduate education. Student loan indebtedness has risen right along with college costs, with the median debt at $170,000 for medical school graduates in 2012, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges. They report that nearly 90% of medical students graduate in debt.

Medical Career Burnout

Career Burnout: Reinvigorate or Change Your Medical Career

Job burnout is stressful. It causes a unique type of stress that includes mental and physical exhaustion. There are so many factors that can contribute to burnout on the job, including work-life imbalance, monotony, lack of resources, and a dysfunctional workplace, to name a few. A MedPage Today survey indicates that approximately 38% of doctors experience job burnout.

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