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Painting of Dr. Java Tunson

This Emergency Physician Splits Her Time Between Medicine and Social Justice

Java Tunson, an emergency medicine physician in Washington state, got into healthcare to create a meaningful impact in her patients’ lives—not to take on the systemic racism that permeates the field. But after noticing that underrepresented minority doctors were almost entirely absent in her resident classes, Tunson felt compelled to act. She co-launched a pilot…

Steven Arsht of This Jab's for You

The Orthopedic Surgeon Campaigning for COVID-19 Jabs

Because of his status as a healthcare worker, Steven Arsht, an orthopedic surgeon at Mount Sinai Health System in New York City, was the first in his family to get a COVID-19 vaccine. As he moved forward in line in January, he found himself thinking of his brother-in-law, Louis Sarrel, who died of the disease…

Image of physician Tara Garland

Combining Her Love of Medicine and the Outdoors, This Physician Created the Ultimate Wilderness First-Aid Kit

In the week leading up to a trip to Mount Rainier last summer, Tara Garland, an emergency medicine physician and avid outdoorswoman, got the same question from three different colleagues: “What do you carry in your first-aid wilderness kit?” It wasn’t the first time Garland, who carries a kit for both herself and others, had…

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