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Neurologic Disorders

Bariatric Surgery and Headaches

Can Bariatric Surgery Lead to Severe Headache?

Bariatric surgery may be a risk factor for a condition that causes severe headaches, according to a study published in the October 22, 2014 online issue of Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology.

Neural Stem Cell Overgrowth

Study Finds Link Between Neural Stem Cell Overgrowth and Autism-Like Behavior in Mice

People with autism spectrum disorder often experience a period of accelerated brain growth after birth. No one knows why or whether the change is linked to any specific behavioral changes. A new study by UCLA researchers demonstrates how, in pregnant mice, inflammation, a first-line defense of the immune system, can trigger an excessive division of neural stem cells that can cause overgrowth in the offsprings brain. The paper appeared October 9 in the online edition of the journal Stem Cell Reports.


Memory Slips May Signal Increased Risk of Dementia Years Later

New research suggests that people without dementia who begin reporting memory issues may be more likely to develop dementia later, even if they currently have no clinical signs. The study is published in the September 24, 2014 online issue of Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology.

Yoga Relieves Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

Yoga Relieves Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

Paula Meltzer was only 38 when out of nowhere everything she looked at was blurry. For the single mother, who had a lucrative career as a gemologist and spent hours examining valuable pieces of jewelry, it seemed as if—in a split second—her life changed.

Cults and Big Business

Cults and Big Business: Is There a Difference?

In 2010, the US Supreme Court ruled that corporations are people, with respect to their exercising of free speech in the form of political campaign spending. But could some big businesses also be compared to a very specific type of person: a charismatic cult leader? Do big businesses use some of the same tactics leveraged by cults to win followers and suppress dissent? Are they using a form of neurological manipulation? As medical research goes forward, will it unwittingly help teach big business how to control the public brain?

Combating ALS

Researchers Develop Strategy to Combat Genetic ALS, FTD

A team of researchers at Mayo Clinic and The Scripps Research Institute in Florida have developed a new therapeutic strategy to combat the most common genetic risk factor for the neurodegenerative disorders amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrigs disease) and frontotemporal dementia (FTD). In the Aug. 14 issue of Neuron, they also report discovery of a potential biomarker to track disease progression and the efficacy of therapies.

Brain Training

Brain Training: Does It Work?

Brain training has gained popularity in recent years. But does it really work? Some are not so sure. Most certainly, Gareth Cook does not think so. In a 2014 New Yorker blog post titled Brain training games are bogus, Cook lambasted companies such as Lumosity, Jungle Memory, and CogniFit. The author even went so far as to say that 10 hours of brain training per week could be dangerous because it gives people false hope and prevents them from engaging in more healthy activities, such as exercising.

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