Ozzy Osbourne

What Made Ozzy Osbourne a Babbling Mess?

On August 17, 2003, rock legend Ozzy Osbourne was invited to Wrigley Field to sing Take Me Out To The Ball Game during the seventh-inning stretch of a Chicago Cubs game. What ensued was a garbled-up, unintelligible rendition of the famous song so bad that Osbourne went down as the worst Wrigley singer in history. Over the next few days the scene was replayed on national television, making a mockery of the mumbling singer. That incident, said Osbournes manager-wife Sharon, was the last straw; she claimed that Ozzys doctor was overprescribing him a host of powerful antipsychotic and tranquilizing drugs, which contributed to his bizarre behavior.

Healing Power of Music

The Healing Power of Music

When a shooting left Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords with a critical brain injury, she could not speak a wordbut she could sing. At first, she and her certified music therapist sang Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star together. Then other classic songs soon followed and, in time, music therapy became a key component of her recovery process.

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