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After-Shift Chill Playlist for the Busy Doctor

One of the most difficult challenges of a demanding profession, especially one that requires long hours of intense concentration, is being able to leave work behind after a shift. However, downtime is crucial to better managing stress and avoiding burnout. Creating a time of transition, when you get home and before diving into any of…

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Valentine’s Day Playlist for the Busy Doctor

Like so many holidays and special occasions over the past 11 months, this year’s Valentine’s Day will be different than those pre-pandemic. But that doesn’t mean the holiday that observes love has to be neglected, especially for those working the front lines for so long. Though it’s often celebrated by dining out at a special…

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Orthopedic Surgery Playlists for the Busy Doctor

For me, there’s one simple truth in life: Music makes life better. Whether it’s music to chill, energize, get your feet moving or your hips shaking or to help you focus, as a lifelong musician, it is impossible — and scary, actually — to imagine life without music. I listen to music while pretty much…

Medics Present Virtual Concert to Benefit New York City

This evening, surgeons from NYU Langone Hospital in Long Island, medics from Mount Sinai and others are hanging up their scrubs and picking up their sheet music to present a virtual concert to benefit three New York City charities. These healthcare professionals are putting on display their musical talents to raise funds for The Child…

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