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Dr. Bodkin Adams

He Stood Trial for the Suspicious Deaths of 163 Former Patients

He was suspected of killing 163 of his patients between 1946 and 1956. Many died under suspicious circumstances. It was widely believed that his murder weapon was a cocktail of morphine and heroin, administered via lethal injections. What’s more, most of his dearly departed elderly patients included the doctor in their wills; he even assisted in rewriting the wills for some of them. In the process, Dr. John Bodkin Adams became one of Britain’s wealthiest general practitioners. Yet when he was tried in court, in a sensational trial in 1957, a jury found him not guilty of the one murder charge brought against him. The bottom line was that there was a mountain of suspicious circumstances, but not a single piece of compelling evidence. In addition, several witnesses who testified against the doctor, including a nurse, were discredited during his trial, making their testimonies for the prosecution not very reliable or believable. As for the money his dead patients willed to him, the doctor claimed that it consisted of fees he neglected to charge those patients while under his care.

Dr. Shiro Ishii

Pure Evil: Wartime Japanese Doctor Had No Regard for Human Suffering

Torture techniques conjured up in medieval times, especially the gruesome methods employed during the Crusades, took a giant leap forward thanks to Dr. Shiro Ishii’s diabolical imagination. The human suffering he was responsible for remains unimaginable and incomprehensible. He is infamous for being the director of a biological warfare research and testing program of the Imperial Japanese Army that existed from 1937 to 1945 during the Second Sino-Japanese War and World War II.

Dr. Peter Norman

Three Botched Plastic Surgeries Led to 3 Dead Patients

They just wanted to look a little trimmer in the tummy and lose a little weight, but 2 patients lost their lives instead during their liposuction procedures. Dr. Peter Normann was an internist, an emergency room doctor, and not a plastic surgeon, yet he performed liposuction surgeries on unsuspecting patients at his clinic in Anthem, Arizona. Dr. Normann never entered a residency in plastic surgery or anesthesiology; he did have about 6 days of training in liposuction and breast augmentation, but he certainly wasn’t qualified to perform such operations. What’s more, he had no training in fat augmentation, yet he performed a buttocks enhancement plastic surgery on at least 1 patient, who died as a result of gross medical incompetence that led to a critical surgical error. It gets worse.

Kristen Griffith: The Killer Nurse


During childhood, friends and neighbors knew Kristen to be a pathological liar. She would tell people that she was related to the notorious ax murderer Lizzie Borden. In high school, boyfriends described Kristen as scheming, often faking suicide attempts. She also abused them both verbally and physically. And when upset, she was known to tamper with their cars or attack them with her nails.

Dr. Linda Hazzard

Linda Hazzard: The “Starvation Doctor”

She got married when she was 18 years old and had 2 children, but in 1898, she left her husband and children to pursue her medical career. Linda Burfield Hazzard had some training as an osteopathic nurse and no medical degree, but a loophole in the law in the state of Washington granted her a license to practice medicine. The obscure law awarded medical licenses to a few practitioners of alternative medicine who did not have a medical degree but were grandfathered in, and Linda was one of the lucky recipients. Her degree described her as an osteopath.

Dr. Josephakis Charalambous

Family Physician Hired a Hit Man to Silence Her…Permanently

Born on the island of Cyprus, Josephakis Charalambous was 8 years old when his parents immigrated to Canada, settling in Vancouver, British Columbia. Although he was close to his mother and sister, somewhere in his upbringing, he came to despise women and view them merely as sexual objects. He was known to engage frequently with prostitutes to satisfy his seemingly insatiable sexual drive and desire to control women. It is said that the reason Charalambous wanted to become a doctor in the first place was to attract women with his professional status. But once he became an MD, women didn’t flock to him as he imagined.

Dr. Marcel Petiot

French Doctor in World War II Was a Serial Killer

From 1942 through 1944, Dr. Marcel Petiot, a highly respected physician in his community, saw an opportunity to build his personal wealth during the insanity of World War II in Paris. It was a black period in Parisian history, when Jewish families hoped to escape slaughter. It was a surreal time in Paris as World War II was raging; and disappearances were commonplace in the Nazi-occupied city. There was nowhere to turn. Fearing for their lives, Jews couldn’t report missing persons to the Nazis.

Dr. Henry Howard Holmes

This MD Was One of America’s First-Known Serial Killers

He started off his medical and criminal career as a swindler and subsequently added “serial killer” to his resume. His birth name was Herman Webster Mudgett but he was better known by his alias, Dr. Henry Howard Holmes, or H.H. Holmes. At an early age, Mudgett expressed an interest in medicine and was said to have practiced surgery (some called it torture) on animals. He also expressed an utter fascination and obsession with death. Mudgett received his medical degree in 1884 from the University of Michigan Medical School. As a medical student, he utilized his skills as a swindler, a fraud, and a con artist. He devised an elaborate scam where he would collect money on false life insurance claims. Mudgett would steal cadavers from the university laboratory and dismember the bodies.

Dr. Kermit Gosnell

Abortion Doctor Delivered 7 Babies Alive, Then Murdered Them With Scissors

Despicable is too kind a word to describe Dr. Kermit Gosnell. Some called him a cold-blooded killer. The state of Pennsylvania agreed with that description when they convicted the doctor on 3 counts of first-degree murder for slaughtering newborn babies and for the death of a woman who overdosed on painkillers following her abortion while under Gosnell’s care.

Dr. Max Jacobson

The Secret Service Gave Him the Code Name “Dr. Feelgood”

Dr. Max Jacobson fled Nazi Berlin in 1936 and set up a medical practice in New York on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The location couldn’t have been more perfect. He catered to high-profile clients, including writers, musicians, entertainers, and powerful politicians. His rich and famous patients dubbed him “Miracle Max.” The Secret Service code named him “Dr. Feelgood” because of his unorthodox medical treatments for President John F. Kennedy.

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