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Expressive Writing and Mindful Meditation are among Techniques that Help Physicians Cope with Pandemic-related Stress

For the past two months, physicians, nurses and occupational therapists at the University Hospital of North Tees in England have engaged in atypical activities. Every three weeks, they trade their masks, gloves and stethoscopes for a pen—and write about their thoughts, memories and feelings. The two-hour online sessions, led by Siobhan Campbell, a senior lecturer…

ocean therapy

Ocean Therapy Has the Power to Heal the Mind and Body

The ocean is a force unto itself. It has the power to devastate entire towns, swallow up ships in a single gulp, and pull swimmers away from the shore never to be seen again. Comprising 70% of the Earths total surface, the ocean is home to some of the largest and most vicious animals ever to exist. Its waters can reach chilling depths of 36,000 feet under a crushing pressure of more than 8 tons per square inch.


Meditation: The Power of Slowing Down

The desire to improve your health and life is a never-ending one—unless you’re a masochist. Long to-do lists are staples of the A-type personality that tend to become part of many adults’ lives. More often than not, these attempts at improvement go unresolved because people are imperfect creatures of habit. It’s important to think basically when it comes to improvement, but most important of all: you simply need to think, or rather, meditate. Meditation, a practice that is thousands of years old and was once used to try to connect with the answers of the universe, is a modern-day powerhouse. Meditation has garnered a lot of scientific interest, and research is saying there is good news, so much so that meditation should become a larger part of people’s daily routine.

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