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Laughter Therapy in Cancer Patients

Laughter Therapy Shown to Boost Immune Function in Cancer Patients

Laughter really is the best medicine

There’s no doubt that laughter is contagious. Who hasn’t experienced breaking out into uncontrollable laughter just by watching someone else laugh, even without having any idea what was so funny? A unique case out of Tanzania details a reported “laughter epidemic” that started with 3 girls, spread throughout their boarding school in Kashasha, and affected 95 of its 159 students. The epidemic lasted 16 days until the school was forced to close, but it didn’t stop there. It further spread to neighboring villages, ultimately lasting 6 to 18 months, closing down 14 schools, and affecting 1000 people in total.

Little-Known Medicinal Plants and Herbs

Little-Known Medicinal Plants and Herbs

Plants and herbs are used in numerous pharmacological compounds. Many lesser-known ones have entered the mainstream and are used to treat health issues. These are most often found in vitamin shops, health food stores, drug stores, and even supermarkets. Here we are highlighting 3 herbs that are not commonly known, but may be headed to the forefront in the near future.

Treatment of Lupus

Advances in the Treatment of Lupus

The study of lupus has come a long way over the past 2 decades. In 2011, the first lupus-specific treatment to appear in the last half century was FDA approved. Just 20 years ago, only about 40% of lupus patients lived beyond 3 years after diagnosis. Now, a normal lifespan is possible for most, when diagnosed early and monitored long term.

Virtual Doctors

Will Virtual Doctors Become More Commonplace Than Face-to-Face Doctor Visits?

We are living in a world of convenience. Fast-food restaurants are around every corner, television shows can be streamed instantly, and the answer to almost any question is just a Google search away. Medicine is also becoming more convenient through health-centric smartphone apps and EMRs, but the real convenience lies with virtual doctors. For many practices, no longer will patients have to get out of bed and travel to their doctor’s office when they are feeling sick. A virtual doctor is just a mouse click away.

Emergency Medicine Physicians

12 Days of Christmas Seen Through the Eyes of Emergency Medicine Physicians

ER docs offer a dozen tips to keep all days safe and healthy

The joyful song about French hens, turtle doves, and a partridge rings in a cheerful holiday season for all. And for those celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas, it’s a wonderful time of the year.

As the celebrations of the season go into full swing, emergency medicine physicians and their teams know to expect all types of medical situations arriving in their emergency rooms.

And, to keep Pennsylvanians from making unnecessary trips to their local emergency rooms on what should be days of joy, physicians share 12 ideas on how you can enjoy a safer holiday season.

Light Drinking Paired with Acetaminophen Increases Risk of Kidney Dysfunction

Even Light Drinking Paired with Acetaminophen Increases Risk of Kidney Dysfunction

New research finds that the combination of acetaminophen paired with alcohol — even if consumed moderately or lightly — can increase the risk of kidney dysfunction, according to new research released today at the American Public Health Association’s 141st Annual Meeting in Boston.

Results from the study indicated that neither taking a therapeutic amount of acetaminophen nor consuming a light to moderate amount of alcohol posed a particularly greater risk to an individual’s kidneys. However, when taken in combination with one another, results showed a 123 percent increase in risk of kidney dysfunction.

Kids' Asthma Medication

Caregivers Frequently Administer Kids’ Asthma Medication Inaccurately Leading to Poor Health Outcome

The majority of caregivers who administer their child’s asthma medication frequently use the incorrect technique, leading to poor health outcomes, according to new research from The Children’s Hospital at Montefiore (CHAM). The study, published in the Journal of Asthma, found that only one of 169 caregivers accurately carried out 10 steps outlined in national guidelines as the appropriate method to deliver adequate medication for asthma management. Robust education efforts and training of caregivers could help to improve outcomes, reduce hospital admissions and healthcare costs.

Fish New Pond for Antibiotics

Researchers “Fish New Pond” for Antibiotics

Researchers at McMaster University are addressing the crisis in drug resistance with a novel approach to find new antibiotics.

“We have developed technology to find new antibiotics using laboratory conditions that mimic those of infection in the human body,” said Eric Brown, professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences.

Turning Magic Into Medicine Into Myth

Turning Magic Into Medicine Into Myth

The world’s first enduring civilization may have arisen in Egypt; some scholars suggest that the fertile Nile Valley had been settled as early as 10,000 BC. But it wasn’t until the advent of the Old Kingdom, about 2600 BC, that modern historians can begin to form real figures from the dim outlines of a past shrouded in mystery and magic.

Improve Your Medical Practice's Health

Improve Your Medical Practice’s Health

The 19th century physician William Osler wrote, The practice of medicine is an art, not a trade; a calling, not a business; a calling. If he were practicing today, he might concede that you cant practice your art if your practice is not an effective business. Unlike other business models, a medical practice has limited power over prices yet operational costs constantly rise. This economic pinch affects small practices the most, so what can be done?

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