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Stephan Letter

Nurse Dubbed the “Angel of Death” Said He Was Helping Patients by Killing Them

The hospitals staff soon began to notice a disappearance of narcotics. They compared the clinics duty record against the dates that the drugs had been removed and concluded that Letter had been stealing them. When doctors first suspected that something sinister was going on, the bodies of 42 patients were exhumed from their graves, all of whom had died during Letters shifts. A total of 80 deaths took place during the nurses shifts, but 38 were unable to be examined because they had been cremated. The investigation revealed that Letter was fatally injecting patients with a cocktail of tranquilizers and muscle relaxants. He was arrested in July 2004 and admitted that he killed 12 patients by lethal injection, but that he could not remember any more. Most of his victims were at least in their 70s, so their deaths were at first overlooked. Letter claimed that he was administering lethal injections to his patients because he felt sorry for them. He wanted to liberate their souls, said Letters lawyer, Wilhelm van Eckert. For him, his patients were trapped in their sick bodies. However, 2 women who were in their 40s were given the lethal injections, and at least 6 patients were in no danger of dying. A few had even died soon after being admitted to the hospital but before being fully examined.

Kristen Griffith: The Killer Nurse


During childhood, friends and neighbors knew Kristen to be a pathological liar. She would tell people that she was related to the notorious ax murderer Lizzie Borden. In high school, boyfriends described Kristen as scheming, often faking suicide attempts. She also abused them both verbally and physically. And when upset, she was known to tamper with their cars or attack them with her nails.

Dr. Linda Hazzard

Linda Hazzard: The “Starvation Doctor”

She got married when she was 18 years old and had 2 children, but in 1898, she left her husband and children to pursue her medical career. Linda Burfield Hazzard had some training as an osteopathic nurse and no medical degree, but a loophole in the law in the state of Washington granted her a license to practice medicine. The obscure law awarded medical licenses to a few practitioners of alternative medicine who did not have a medical degree but were grandfathered in, and Linda was one of the lucky recipients. Her degree described her as an osteopath.

Dr. Charles Cullen

Charles Cullen, The Killer Nurse: A Deeper Evil

After midnight, near the end of a 7-hour-long police interrogation that began on December 14, 2003, Charles Cullen said, “I did not want (people) to see me as this, what I am.” Somerset County detective Timothy Braun then asked him, “What are you, Charles?” The 43-year-old nurse replied, “A man, person, who was trusted and had responsibility for a lot of people dying…I hate myself for it ’cause I don’t believe I had the right, but I couldn’t stop, I couldn’t.” No, he couldn’t, and incredibly, neither could the medical establishment stop his reign of terror at the time.

Kristen Heather Gilbert RN

Kristen Heather Gilbert

Meet Kristen Heather Gilbert, a smart, accomplished RN, but a troubled soul.

In her youth, Kristen Strickland was known as a pathological liar. According to friends and neighbors, she often made the unfounded claim that she was a distant relative of the infamous ax murderer Lizzie Borden. Ex-boyfriends described Kristen as strange and controlling, eventually exhibiting a pattern of verbal and physical abuse toward them. For attention, she would fake suicide attempts, or when angry, she would tamper with her boyfriends’ cars or physically attack them, scratching them with her nails.

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