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Clear Lens Facial Pierce

You Can See Right Through Some People

The professional name for it is clear lens face piercing. Put simply, its a hole in your face: a hole in your face thats then sealed with a clear plug so people can see inside your mouth without you ever having to open it.

Cat People

Cat People

The history of body modification goes back to ancient times, of course, and isnt just a product of todays medical/surgical advancements. Felines have been a major inspiration, as seen in a variety of attempts to look like cats, tigers, and similar animals. Perhaps the appeal is the animal magnetism? The wearing of animal skin capes and headdresses by African tribes is one example. Other indigenous cultures have used facial and body tattooing and modification of anatomical features to achieve their own unique sense of beauty, such as Burmese neck lengthening or African lip plates and ritual body modifications, to help them identify as belonging to a particular cultural, ethnic, or tribal group.

Magnet Implants

Magnet Implants

Gaining in popularity in the body modification subculture is having a magnet implanted beneath the skin for the purpose of…well…we’re not quite sure what the point is! The procedure is known as “body hacking” or “bio-hacking.” People who’ve had it done report that they can now perform cool party tricks, such as picking up paperclips and bottle caps with the tip of their finger. (Guys, this implant could be a literal “chic magnet!”)

Eyeball Jewelry

The Eyes Have It!

Don’t blink—surgically implanted eyeball jewelry takes body piercing to a whole new level. It was developed in the Netherlands 10 years ago, slowly made its way to Los Angeles, and recently arrived in New York. The technical medical term for eyeball jewelry is extraocular implant. Eye surgeons at the Netherlands Institute for Innovative Ocular Surgery created the cosmetic procedure where a tiny piece of jewelry (which they market as “JewelEye”) is inserted under the surface of the eyeball for decorative purposes. The institute’s website says that the implant is completely safe and does not affect visual performance, mobility, or other ocular functions.

Subdermal Implants

Subdermal Implants Come in All Shapes and Sizes

When Frank Sinatra sang his hit song I’ve Got You Under My Skin, we’re sure he wasn’t crooning about subdermal implants, because they weren’t around in his time. Today, there is a whole new meaning to Frank’s phrase about love, in the growingly popular practice of implanting “body jewelry” beneath the skin’s surface, which results in a raised design.

Buttocks Implants

Designer Derrières

Women who want a great-looking butt before bikini season—or men who are concerned about the flatness of their buttocks—may be flirting with undergoing any number of surgical enhancements, because when it comes to the appearance of your gluteus maximus, modern plastic surgery techniques and advanced cosmetic procedures offer an array of ways to acquire a kick-ass butt.

Male Implants

Male Implants Make for Macho Men

Women undergoing cosmetic plastic surgery to make them look younger and more beautiful are fairly commonplace. But now, men are slowly catching up. Sure, guys have been getting their share of run-of-the-mill nose jobs, liposuction, and even Botox treatments, affectionately known as “bro-tox.” Then they took it up a notch, experimenting with cheek and chin augmentation, and eyelid surgery to reduce crow’s feet, wrinkles, and that aged, puffy look from fat accumulation in the upper and lower lids. Now, some men are delving into an array of cosmetic surgical procedures to take that masculine look to a whole new level. Here’s a quick review of some of the more bizarre and offbeat plastic surgery offerings for men.

Horn Implants

Horn Implants

Your next patient may be the devil or may look something like it. As culture as a whole relaxes, body modification trends have made tattooing as shocking as a slice of white bread. Horn implants, technically known as subdermal implants, are becoming more popular and carry every ounce of shock factor imaginable. The inventor and purveyor of subdermal and transdermal implants is Steve Haworth, a man famous for his wide-ranging and innovative body modification work. Since his body-mod invention in 1994, both the implant procedure and Haworth himself have only risen in popularity. He first performed the procedure after a New Zealand woman requested a bracelet and he found a way to embrace the challenge.

Radical Reshaping

Radical Reshaping

Body modification is described as “Intentional alteration of the human body for religious, aesthetic, or social reasons. Modifications and mutilations are performed for purposes such as magical protection, medical or pseudo-medical intervention, cosmetic enhancement, and punishment. Alterations include head flattening, insertion of a lip plug, tattoos, scarification, piercing of the ear and other parts of the body, circumcision, foot binding, and amputation. That similar modifications are interpreted very differently from one culture to the next is an excellent indication of the relativity of ideals of beauty and deformity.”

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