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Will Virtual Doctors Become More Commonplace Than Face-to-Face Doctor Visits?

We are living in a world of convenience. Fast-food restaurants are around every corner, television shows can be streamed instantly, and the answer to almost any question is just a Google search away. Medicine is also becoming more convenient through health-centric smartphone apps and EMRs, but the real convenience lies with virtual doctors. For many practices, no longer will patients have to get out of bed and travel to their doctor’s office when they are feeling sick. A virtual doctor is just a mouse click away.

Subway Not Much Healthier Than McDonald's

For Teens, Subway Not Much Healthier Than McDonald’s

In a study published May 6 in the Journal of Adolescent Health, the researchers found that adolescents who purchased Subway meals consumed nearly as many calories as they did at McDonald’s. Meals from both restaurants are likely to contribute toward overeating and obesity, according to the researchers.

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