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How Nurses Are Portrayed in Film and Television

How Nurses Are Portrayed in Film and Television

As we remember from elementary school, Florence Nightingale was the founder of modern nursing, an advocate for setting standards for cleanliness and sterilization in hospitals, and a symbol of excellence for the profession. During World War II, recruitment posters depicted nurses as heroes supporting our fighting men. Nurses were thought of as caring and compassionate, and nursing was viewed as an admirable occupation to which America women should aspire.

The Life of a Child Star

The Life of a Child Star: Why Some Go Crazy and Other’s Don’t

It’s no secret that child stars are prone to mental breakdowns and drug addictions as they grow up in Hollywood. Take Mean Girls star Lindsay Lohan, for example, who just got out of rehab for the 6th time and has become the poster girl for “child stars gone wrong.” Or Amanda Bynes, the adorable Nickelodeon funny girl who publicly had a mental breakdown on Twitter and found herself hospitalized and diagnosed with schizophrenia. While the fame and fortune that comes along with being a celebrity seems glamorous (and most certainly can be at times) it’s extremely taxing for a kid who suddenly has to give up his or her childhood to work full-time hours in the “biz” and deal with the pressures of maintaining an image in front of millions of fans. The effects of fame can be detrimental to anyone’s health, let alone a child who has been in the public eye practically since birth.

Dying From a Food Allergy

Dying From a Food Allergy is Less Likely Than Being Murdered

A person with a food allergy is more likely to be murdered than to die from a severe reaction, according to a new study.

One in 10 children has a food allergy. Many sufferers and their parents experience anxiety about the possibility of a severe and life-threatening allergic reaction, called anaphylaxis, but until now no studies have estimated how common death from such reactions is.

Doctor Movies

Doctor Movies

From the “heavy” to the hilarious, we’ve picked a dozen movies about doctors we think you’ll enjoy. A synopsis of each film’s plot is provided, and we’ve even included a link to the movie trailer for each of them.

Let us know if you’ve seen any of the doctor movies we’re recommending and tell us what you thought about the film. We know we left some great doc flicks off this list; can you recommend other movies about doctors that you’ve enjoyed watching?

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