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Condescending Doctors

Condescending Doctors and How to Deal With Them

A user on Reddit recently shared an experience he had with a less-than-friendly doctor he bumped into one day after class. While walking to the parking lot, he noticed that the doctor had left a large cup of coffee on top of his car just as he was preparing to drive off. Recognizing it as the polite thing to do, the Redditor called out to the doctor to get his attention to prevent the inevitable spillage from occurring. Hey mister, you—, he shouted, but was promptly interrupted by the doctor. NO! It’s Doctor! the doctor corrected in the most condescending tone the Redditor said he had ever heard. Rethinking his gesture, he replied, Oh, sorry Doctor; nevermind. The doctor then proceeded to speed off, spilling the coffee all over the windshield.

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