Painting of Dr. Java Tunson

This Emergency Physician Splits Her Time Between Medicine and Social Justice

Java Tunson, an emergency medicine physician in Washington state, got into healthcare to create a meaningful impact in her patients’ lives—not to take on the systemic racism that permeates the field. But after noticing that underrepresented minority doctors were almost entirely absent in her resident classes, Tunson felt compelled to act. She co-launched a pilot…

Students studying a model

Many Black and Minority Students Aren’t Properly Prepared for Medical School. I Was One of Them.

In an undergraduate introductory chemistry lecture at Stanford University, a friend and I, both Black freshmen who graduated near the top of our college-preparatory Catholic high schools’ classes, sat feeling unprepared for the presented material. “It’s like I missed the actual introduction before this class,” my friend said, processing the disillusionment of our first lecture.…

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