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Clear Lens Facial Pierce

You Can See Right Through Some People

The professional name for it is clear lens face piercing. Put simply, its a hole in your face: a hole in your face thats then sealed with a clear plug so people can see inside your mouth without you ever having to open it.

Cat People

Cat People

The history of body modification goes back to ancient times, of course, and isnt just a product of todays medical/surgical advancements. Felines have been a major inspiration, as seen in a variety of attempts to look like cats, tigers, and similar animals. Perhaps the appeal is the animal magnetism? The wearing of animal skin capes and headdresses by African tribes is one example. Other indigenous cultures have used facial and body tattooing and modification of anatomical features to achieve their own unique sense of beauty, such as Burmese neck lengthening or African lip plates and ritual body modifications, to help them identify as belonging to a particular cultural, ethnic, or tribal group.

Tooth Tattoos

Open Wide and Say “Yeowwww!”

Body tattoos have become so mainstream that its no longer unique or ultra-cool to sport inked skin anymore, which is why the latest body modification fashion trend is now trending: tooth tattoos! But if you want to get in on the fun, youll have to make a trip to your dentist to get one or more of your teeth inked up.

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