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Keto Diet Reduces Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

According to the study, individuals with alcohol use disorder (AUD) show elevated brain metabolism of acetate at the expense of glucose. The study authors hypothesized that a shift in energy substrates during withdrawal may contribute to withdrawal severity
and neurotoxicity in AUD and that a ketogenic diet may mitigate these effects.

Gut Fermentation Syndrome

Gut Fermentation Syndrome

Gut fermentation syndrome, also known as auto-brewery syndrome or syndrome A and endogenous ethanol fermentation, is a rare disorder with few reported cases. Based on existing literature, it is more predominant in Japan than in the US, but even in Japan, it is extremely rare. A quick Internet search produces 341,000 results, with mostly media articles in the top 10 and, further down, lawyers soliciting their services for DUI offences. It’s interesting that most of the reports were about a single case that appeared in the International Journal of Clinical Medicine. Of course, sensationalism sells, and with headlines such as “Texas man’s ‘beer gut’ turns food into alcohol” and “Auto-brewery syndrome: man’s belly brews beer,” you can’t help but attract readers, but is it misleading? Based on the headlines alone, one may assume that beer bellies turn food into alcohol, or literally brew beer. What is it about this case study that has lawyers champing at the bit?

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