Who doesn’t love a reason to throw a party? Traditionally, birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, and weddings have been occasions for good friends and family to celebrate. Recently added to these events (by expectant parents) are “gender reveal parties,” created to reveal and celebrate the sex of a baby. Some parents-to-be wait for the debut of their child into the world to learn its gender, but others embrace the information as an excuse to party before delivery.

At approximately 18 to 22 weeks, expectant parents are often thrilled to learn the sex of their offspring via ultrasound. However, parents-to-be who are planning a gender reveal party will ask the ultrasound technician or Ob/Gyn to place the gender results in a sealed envelope at the end of their appointment so they can coordinate the big reveal accordingly. Of course, the accuracy of the ultrasound depends on the baby’s cooperation, the equipment used, and the competency level of the technician.

Baked goods, such as a customized cake or cupcakes, seem to be the easiest and most common method of revealing the gender during these types of parties. This route requires the parents-to-be to bring the sealed envelope to a baker and have him or her bake a cake with a neutral-color frosting on the outside and either blue or pink on the inside. One slice later, and their future offspring’s sex is revealed to them and all the party guests.

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Other ideas to add to a gender reveal party’s success include getting a local party supply store to fill a box with balloons of the appropriate color to open at the party, or unwrapping a blue or pink baby outfit in front of guests. There are currently tons of other party themes and ideas to employ, as gender reveal parties are the latest craze.


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