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Will Knowing the Cost of Medical Care Drive Down Prices?

The premise underlying the executive order signed by President Trump on June 24, 2019, is that if patients were informed about what hospitals and providers are charging for their services, then they would be able to shop around for better deals.

Dropping the Ball

The number of distractions pulling physician attention away from where it should be — on patients — has increased.

Sink or Swim

We need to reconsider how we train our doctors to be sure that they acquire the skills they will need.

Sticking It to the Man

Battle-worn and weary, we were hungry for news, and any sign that the tide was starting to turn gripped our attention.

Safe Zone

I have come to realize is that it was never the sanctity of the exam room, nor the long white coat that droops from my shoulders.

My Top 10 EHR Wish List

EHRs continue to spread untold misery, and with each year a new EHR comes along that promises to be “better” than the last.
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