United Imaging announced the availability of the uEXPLORER total-body scanner, the first medical imaging 3D scanner that can capture the whole human body at 1 bed position. 

The uEXPLORER combines positron emission tomography (PET) with X-ray computed tomography (CT) allowing for imaging of the entire body at the same time. The developers anticipate that the technology will be used in various ways, such as improving diagnostics, tracking disease progression, and researching new treatments.

“The human images the uEXPLORER produces have been nothing short of astonishing, especially when one considers the very short acquisition times. This device will bring us into completely new areas of discussion with our customers, as we jointly re-think the role of PET in the North American healthcare system. We are thrilled to be able to start sharing it widely in the US,” stated Jeffrey M. Bundy, PhD, Chief Executive Officer of UIH Solutions.

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This article originally appeared on MPR