Did you know that there are more than 10,000 medical/health care apps available? Or that 88% of doctors would like patients to monitor health issues like weight, blood sugar, and vital signs at home? Identified below are some very useful apps that as a health care practitioner, you may want to check out for yourself and/or your patients. We’ve also identified some great apps that are just for your fun and entertainment. Hey, doctors need down time too!

Our recommended apps:

  • Medscape – with all the drug references, disease clinical references, images, videos, drug interaction tool checker, CME activities – this app is hard to beat for HCPs.
  • Micromedex – an easy-to-use free prescription medical reference app that is quick and to the point. Supplied by Thomson Reuters, there is dosing information, clinical teaching, and adverse effects.
  • iStethoscope – millions of doctors have downloaded this app already. It works as a stethoscope and if used with better-quality headphones purportedly produces “wonderful, clear sound.”
  • Nike + – with this polished app in hand, you can track every indoor and outdoor workout and track progress, count calories, load to NikePlus.com, measure everyday activities, and turn it into NikeFuel.
  • SoundHound – it’s free and you can hum a free bars to get the name of that song that has been stuck in your head all day! A fun, very easy-to-use music identification app.
  • Transzilla – easy breezy to use! Free translation software lets you take words or sentences and translate them into hundreds of different languages.

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  • Sleep Pillow Ambiance – ditch the white-noise machine for something more contemporary and portable. This free app provides an advanced set of high-quality ambient sounds. With over 1 million downloads and still counting, it guarantees that you’ll sleep better naturally.
  • MyFitnessPal – free user-friendly weight monitoring app that counts your calories, takes into consideration your exercise regimen, and advises you on how to reach your weight loss goals.
  • ESPN Score Center – discreetly and quickly check the game scores for your favorite teams in more sports than any other app we tried – including baseball, football, basketball, soccer, ice hockey, ruby, cricket, and more!
  • Find My iPhone (iPhone) or AntiDroidTheft (Droid) – for the iPhone and your base computer make sure location services are set to “on” and this app helps you find a lost or stolen phone with remote GPS tracking. For the Droid it turns on remote GPS and lets you trigger the phone’s camera to shoot an image that might help you locate the handset. Both are free and must-haves.