Just for fun? Or an intriguing option? A technophile’s dream? Get your IT on? Ipad adoption by doctors is soaring and reportedly 62% of U.S. doctors use one for professional purposes. Doctors also reported using their devices in conjunction with patient care in the exam room or hospital. It’s anticipated that two-thirds of all U.S. physicians will be using iPads professionally in 2013. 

So what’s the big draw? According to a study in the Archives of Internal Medicine, in the hospital setting iPads improved work flow for doctors. This study of the University of Chicago iPad project found that patients got treatments and tests ordered quicker when cared for by an iPad equipped hospital resident. Doctors have also remarked that the patients can interact and have a better understanding of their medical condition, example used that a doctor can pull up an abnormal x-ray belonging to the patient, and a normal x-ray and show the difference directly. 

What about in doctor’s offices? There is an infusion of medical office ready apps for doctors to use and some very exciting apps on the horizon that should make the work day easier. Demands for apps that make sense in the medical office are on the rise as part of the innovations in healthcare initiatives. 

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Doctors can also use iPads to teach patients by leveraging videos, animations and medical information they can easily bring into an examination room. Imagine bringing in your iPad and showing the Seatbelt Safety videos available on this site? Or sharing with your patient the ABC’s of Diabetes? (Diabetes ABCs available for free in the iTunes App Store.) 

iPads can be used as prescription drug reference or as diagnostic tools with patients. There are drug lookup apps, and apps that can review ECG history, allow for vision testing, risk assessment tools, EMH records, radiology apps, assistive technology and so much more. 

As a health care practitioner, what benefits do you see in iPad use?


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