On tiny keypads and shiny touch screens, medical professionals have fully embraced all that wireless offers. From simple tasks like checking e-mail to downloading the latest drug reference from Epocrates, health care professionals can truly appreciate the sleek and proficient wireless world.

After a careful review of some of the latest gadgets for the medical profession, we’ve created this list of our favorites. Let’s see if you agree…


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Electronic instrument rack and panel 


It may seem like a simple wall-mounted instrument rack, but at the heart of this system is Welch Allyn’s Connex VSM – a color, touchscreen, vital-signs device that provides measurements such as heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, and pulse oximetry. The rack is slightly more than 3 feet wide (40 inches with the optional thermometer attachments), and fits your most common instruments: BP cuff, thermometer, ophthalmoscope, and otoscope. For connected facilities, vitals can be electronically sent to the electronic health record system, eliminating the need to transcribe the patient’s readings at a later time.


Android-powered tablet 


This tablet, available in a 7- or 10-inch screen, is built for busy environments such as hospitals and medical offices. It can be sanitized with health care–grade cleansers and can withstand drops and bumps better than some other tablets currently on the market. The Toughpad runs on Google’s Android operating system and has security embedded at the hardware level, which means that it complies with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act standards (according to Panasonic).


Smartphone-based ultrasound imaging system


Health care professionals will no longer need to refer to an imaging center for basic ultrasound services. The MobiUS SP1 is a smartphone-based ultrasound imaging system that fits in your pocket for quick access during a physical exam. The images can be stored in the patient’s record, and can be easily and securely shared for archival, second opinion, or remote diagnosis. The ultrasound transducer works with the smartphone provided by Mobisante and is charged using a common electrical outlet.


Antimicrobial dictation microphone 


Philips developed this dictation microphone with an antimicrobial surface; this way germs on your hands won’t be passed onto your microphone. The antimicrobial coating lasts through harsh cleaning detergents and can eliminate up to 99.9% of Escherichia coliand Micrococcus luteusand 98.4% of Staphylococcus aureus.


Handheld vein illuminator 


Finding veins can be difficult on some patients, especially in children. The VeinViewer Flex is a handheld tool that uses near-infrared (NIR) light to create a digital image of the patient’s superficial vein pattern directly on the surface of their skin in real time. This tool benefits clinical support staff members, allowing them to quickly and efficiently draw blood during the examination.


Adjustable, laptop-charging computer cart 


Rubbermaid Medical Solutions’ Mobile Technology Cabinet offers clinical support staff members with an efficient cart for their computer and supplies that can be rolled into each examination room. It has a base size of 17 inches by 22 inches, so it can be stored against a wall and makes for a small footprint in an exam room. The cart can hold a laptop or desktop computer with monitor, which are concealed when the doors are closed. 


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