Within the first day of pre-orders, the Apple Watch sold more devices than all of the Android smartwatch manufacturers combined in 2014. It may be the next best gadget on the market, but what can it do for your health? Check out these five cool new health apps for the Apple Watch.

1. Spire

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Spire is a unique app that is designed to literally keep you calm. It comes with a small stone-like device that can be clipped onto a person’s pants or bra and measures breathing in order to give the wearer insight into their own mind and body.

“Breath has proven to be the richest bio-signal to the brain, allowing rare insights into a person’s state of mind,” says Dr. Neema Moraveji, Spire co-founder and chief science officer. “It is a physiological factor that we can easily control, and a small amount of awareness can have an enormous impact on your day. The Spire Apple Watch app will allow us to provide our users with those deeply personal insights without an additional distraction in their day.”

When Spire notices the user is tense, it reminds them to take a few seconds to breathe and calm down via a gentle notification to their wrist. It can also identify moments of prolonged inactivity and reminds the user to get moving.

Additionally, the app is designed to function as a mini-meditation guide throughout the day. Studies have shown that 75 percent of the time, Spire has measured breathing patterns that indicate lower blood pressure and cortisol levels within 90 seconds of sending a tension notification.

Spire, however, does not come without cost. The app and device can be bought for $149.99.

2. HealthTap

House calls are making a modern comeback with HealthTap’s app called DocNow for the Apple Watch. With just the tap of a finger on the Apple Watch display, DocNow immediately connects patients with a primary care doctor from a network of more than 68,000 top US doctors available 24/7. The doctor can be accessed via video chat or phone call for $2.99 a minute or through free text messages delivered straight to the Apple Watch.

Patients can also log how they are feeling so doctors can track their progress, check up on them, and invite them for a follow-up consultation if needed. The mobility of the app allows patients to access healthcare from any place, with the added bonus of eliminating the risk for catching germs from the waiting room.

“We’re extremely excited to be on the forefront of the third generation of computing by offering this first-of-its-kind ‘Affordable-Care App’ via the all-new Apple Watch,” says Ron Gutman, HealthTap’s founder and CEO. “At HealthTap we’re committed to continuously innovating and continuously launching new ways to provide faster, more affordable access to trusted doctors so billions [of people] everywhere can live healthier happier lives.”

3. Lifesum

Lifesum for the Apple Watch is not just a typical calorie counter; it helps users make better food choices, improve exercise, and reach health goals. After logging a meal, Lifesum will give feedback to help users pick the right foods, learn about correct portion sizes, and stay active. With the built-in barcode scanner or search that pulls from a database of millions of items with complete nutritional value, logging food is a breeze.

“Lifesum is delighted to be one of the first health apps available on the Apple Watch!” the makers announced on Lifesum’s Facebook page. “The whole team is excited that our users will be able to engage with Lifesum in a completely new way. With easy access and input of data related to food, exercise, and water intake, as well as actionable notifications, the Apple Watch allows us to build an even better and more personalised product than ever before.”

4. Tabb

“An app so simple, you could use it drunk,” is the slogan for Tabb, a useful app that could help keep drunk drivers off the road.

The free app tracks how much alcohol a user drinks and helps them determine when it’s safe to drive.

Whereas the iPhone app is free, Tabb said the Apple Watch app will come with a price, but if the users download the iPhone version, they will be able to upgrade their Apple Watch app for free.

5. Gymaholic

Gymaholic is an iPhone app that helps track a user’s fitness activity, body measurements, and body weight. 
The app comes preloaded with 202 exercises with the option to create personal workouts. It tracks progress and weight, and also helps create progress-tracking photo albums by adding pictures or importing existing ones from a user’s iPhone.

With the Apple Watch app, Gymaholic lets users go hands-free while training. It walks users through their workout routine by showing sets and counting rest time and moving forward with a simple touch. It’s the ultimate trainer!


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