As conditions in Aleppo continue to deteriorate, the World Health Organization (WHO), with the United Nations (UN) and other partners, is working to provide care to internally displaced people (IDPs) caught in the conflict in the area.

The WHO, in particular, is demanding that all healthcare workers, patients, facilities and vehicles be protected from violence during the conflict. The WHO continues to urge all parties involved in the Syrian conflict to abide by international humanitarian law and protect these trapped civilians.

To date, the WHO has sent 12 medical shipments of life-saving medicines and medical supplies — estimated to be enough to treat approximately 290,000 patients — to the war-stricken city.

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Medical supplies have been sent to 11 public hospitals and 23 primary healthcare centers. The supplies include trauma and surgical supplies, hygiene kits, IV fluids and antibiotics as well as chronic disease, psychotropic and pediatric medicines.

In close cooperation with local health authorities, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent and local nongovernmental organizations, the WHO is aiming to reach thousands of IDPs, as well as people still living in homes in previously besieged locations in east Aleppo. Vaccinations, mobile clinics and ambulances for referral of critically ill patients will be sent to these people.

The UN and its partners are also fully engaged in getting agreement from all parties in the conflict to immediately evacuate seriously ill people trapped in the very last enclaves of the opposition-held eastern Aleppo.


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