The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released a list of clinics stocking the yellow fever vaccine Stamaril® (Sanofi Pasteur). They have also created an interactive map allowing travelers and clinicians to easily search locations with the vaccine that are nearest to them. The map will be updated periodically to include any updates to clinic locations.

The distribution of Stamaril is due to the total depletion of YF-Vax, the only licensed yellow fever vaccine in the United States. Sanofi Pasteur has stated they expect YF-Vax to be available again by the end of 2018. 

Stamaril, which is manufactured in France, received approval through the FDA’s investigational new drug (IND) program (despite the name, the vaccine is not investigational or experimental, and has been used in Europe for years). It is comparable to YF-Vax in safety and efficacy.

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As part of the IND program, only a limited number of clinics will be provided Stamaril.  

For more information and to view the map, visit Travelers can visit to see which countries require yellow fever vaccination before entry. 

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