Vitamins and supplements sold at CVS Pharmacy will now go through third party testing to verify the accuracy of the dietary ingredients listed on the packaging and to confirm that the product is free of certain additives.

The “Tested to Be Trusted” program requires all dietary supplement products sold by CVS to be certified by NSF International (a global public health testing organization), verified by USP (United States Pharmacopeia), or go through CVS Pharmacy’s required third party testing program through NSF or Eurofins, a laboratory specializing in food, pharmaceutical and environmental testing. The testing includes verification of the dietary ingredients listed on the supplemental facts panel as well as a review of contaminants to ensure no harmful levels of a particular contaminant are present.

The Company states that over 1400 vitamins and supplements have already completed testing; 7% of the tested products failed which resulted in an update to the supplemental facts panel or removal of the product from stores and online.  

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“By requiring third party testing of the vitamins and supplements they sell, CVS Pharmacy is demonstrating a real commitment to trust, transparency and health,” said David Trosin, Interim General Manager of Dietary Supplements at NSF International. “The Tested to be Trusted program is unprecedented in the retail industry and we’re proud to serve CVS and its customers.”

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