Assure Slide, a swallowing aid, has been made available by Arkray USA for patients who have difficulty swallowing tablets, capsules, and powders. 

The swallowing gel can be used by patients >2 years of age who can swallow independently but have difficulty swallowing medications. It is available in 2 formulations: Slide Zero, a moderately thick formulation designed for patients with slight to moderate swallowing issues, and Slide Forte, an extremely thick formulation for patients with more acute swallowing difficulties. A small amount of gel is dispensed onto a spoon along with the capsule/tablet and then consumed by the user.

In addition to providing a smooth passage of medication through the esophagus to the stomach, Slide also moistens the mucous membranes in the mouth and throat cavity. The gel breaks down immediately in the stomach so it does not affect the absorption rate of the medication, unlike other carriers that are used to facilitate swallowing.

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Slide should not be used for swallowing medications in liquid or effervescent form. It is also not recommended for patients with an impaired swallowing reflex.

Slide is available in 16.9 oz  pump bottles; once opened, the product should be used within 60 days.

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