According to a recent survey by, “Traveler’s Sweet Spot,” more than half of Americans get a bigger boost to their mood from traveling than they get from exercising or shopping.

The findings show that the type of trip that improves mood the most for both men and women (38% and 34%, respectively) is a romantic getaway. Family visits also boost mood for 33% of all respondents and visits to close friends did the same for 23%. Approximately 91% of travelers in the study were in fact going on trips to see friends or family, most often for a special occasion.

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Americans (75%) also prefer several, smaller getaway trips over a single, longer vacation, according to the study. As for how many short trips it takes to improve mood, 44% of the respondents said 3 to 4 trips would do it, while 10% would need  7 or more small trips.

Senior vice president of Air and Vacation Packages for, Brigit Zimmerman, remarked, “Research tells us that 44% of Americans frequently regret not being able to go on more trips.”


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