HealthDay News — According to an article published in Medical Economics, factors associated with patients switching physicians include physicians’ attitude, design/comfort of a facility and communication.

Although 49% of patients stay with their doctor for 5 years or more, the authors note that one-quarter of patients are likely to switch physician if they find a doctor with a more positive attitude. 

Other factors that can affect patients and cause them to leave include time wasted in the waiting room, cost, bedside manner, and design and comfort of a facility (almost 80% of respondents reported the latter as a reason). In addition to wanting doctors to be knowledgeable and up to date on research, patients want the staff to be competent and helpful. 

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However, the authors state that patient satisfaction increased with age, with satisfaction with physicians reported by 82% of those over age 55, compared with 67% among those aged 18 to 34 years. One-third of patients reported being unhappy with the communication they were receiving from their doctors.

“The number one complaint I hear is that the patients feel rushed,” said Jeffrey Gold, MD, of Gold Direct Care in Marblehead, Massachusetts, according to the article. 

“I make it a point at each appointment to clearly take the time to ask the patient if they have any questions or concerns and address them. I feel that taking this few extra minutes with a patient greatly helps with patient retention.”


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