Podcasts have experienced a boom in popularity since Sarah Koenig’s breakout hit Serial. The medium covers a plethora of topics, with shows ranging from true crime to literature to the latest theories about Game of Thrones. For physicians, podcasts are a unique way to expand your knowledge on a range of different medical topics. If finding a new podcast seems overwhelming, never fear: here are 5 medical podcasts to get you started.

Docs Outside the Box

Hosted by Nii Darko, DO, MBA, this podcast is all about physicians who took nontraditional career paths. Dr Darko’s interviews detail these inspirational stories for a fascinating look at physicians using their skills in careers you may not have considered. For physicians who may also want to seek a career off the beaten path, Docs Outside the Box is a valuable perspective.

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2 Docs Talk

It’s all in the name for this podcast. 2 Docs Talk features conversations from 2 Texas-based physicians, Kendall Britt, MD, and Amy Rogers, MD. The physicians chat about the latest issues in medicine and healthcare policy, and their 15-minute episodes make it a useful, bite-sized tool for anyone trying to keep up with current medical news. Dr Britt and Dr Rogers are particularly concerned with how issues affect physician-patient relationships.

Second Opinion

Second Opinion is hosted by Michael Wilkes, MD, MPH, PhD, a professor of medicine and vice dean for Medical Education at the University of California, Davis. Dr Wilkes’s podcast examines medical ethics through the lens of the people actually making the decisions. He tackles tough issues, routinely calling out the pharmaceutical and health insurance industries for the way they shape ethical issues.

JAMA Editors’ Summary

This podcast, hosted by JAMA and the JAMA Network, is a great resource for staying up-to-date with the latest breaking medical research. Every week, the editors of JAMA provide a short summary of the articles published in the journal. The episodes are around 10 minutes long, so it’s a simple, quick way to stay on top of the latest medical research.

Freedom Formula for Physicians

Instead of tackling clinical medical issues, Freedom Formula aims to educate physicians on financial and business topics. Hosted by financial consultant Dave Denniston, this podcast teaches listeners how to tackle student debt and reduce their taxes. Physicians can tune in for advice on everything from student loan refinancing to reducing malpractice premiums.

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Whether you have 10 minutes or a few hours to kill, podcasts are a great way to fill time during commutes or breaks. With so many great podcasts geared toward physicians, you’ll never have to worry about what to listen to again.