Awaken your spirit!

It’s all in the vortex. A vortex is created by whirling fluid, wind, or electricity and is in the shape of a funnel, like a tornado, a whirlpool, or water flowing down a sink drain.

There are a handful of select spots on the planet where concentrated sources of energy flow freely via vortexes. There is a growing body of believers who claim that if you visit such centers, the energy washes over you, providing healing properties as well as spiritual comfort. This is said to happen because the energy sources created by nature’s vortexes are similar to the energy centers within our bodies.

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Sedona, AZ has been designated a vortex bonanza, home of 4 distinct vortex energy sources identified as sacred sites, even holy areas, by large groups of believers. The energy is said to emanate from beneath the towering red and orange sandstone rock formations. One such sacred energy site is below a huge dwelling carved inside a limestone recess, called Montezuma’s Castle, which was built by the Sinagua Indians, a pre-Columbian cultural group who once lived in Sedona.

The energy vibe visitors receive can provide positive effects on the mind and body. An entire cottage industry exists in Sedona to take advantage of these claims. It’s listed as a healing place around the world by multiple sources. The Sedona Chamber of Commerce conducted a study in 1995 and found that out of the 4 million people who visit Sedona each year, a whopping 64% said they come to find “some kind of spiritual experience.” Currently, dozens of specialized travel companies offer spiritual vacations and retreats to Sedona, with tours to its earth energy sites and guidance on how to harness health and well-being from its environment.

The official website for the Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism boasts about all of the town’s physical and spiritual benefits, including the fact that the neurostimulation of the red-orange rock formations can enhance creative thinking and problem solving.

For more information, you can contact the Sedona Metaphysical/Spiritual Association to learn about the mystical side of Sedona.


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