Looking for a new job as a health care professional? Here are some quick tips that may help.

  1. Determine what you are looking for. Take the time to delineate what the perfect job would be for you. Include parameters such as geographic location, setting (hospital, clinic, private practice), level of responsibility, financial gain, and anything else you deem important.
  2. Network with your peers as much as possible. Many of them will know about new and vacated positions, and they can increase your range of contacts and possibly put you in touch with the right people. Your colleagues may also provide valuable insights into these positions and employers.
  3. Prepare your CV with the upmost care. Include your educational and professional history, and present yourself in a way that highlights your skills and qualifications. People prefer to ingest information like food—in small, concise bites—so avoid long, drawn-out paragraphs. Use bullet points and short paragraphs in a clear layout.
  4. Find a good recruiter. Contact several who specialize in the health care field. Interview them by phone first to make sure you are comfortable with their manner of business, and verify that they won’t charge you a fee for their services.
  5. Use career-focused websites such as Healthecareers.com and MDLinx.com to augment your search.
  6. Be prepared for the effort in finding your next position. Sitting and waiting for something to fall into your lap is not an option. The job market is very competitive, and many find that it takes longer than anticipated to land the right gig. Be committed to yourself and your desires, and stay focused on your objectives.


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