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Is Mesotherapy on the Horizon?

If you’re looking for a way to dissolve unwanted fat and cellulite without having to resort to an invasive liposuction procedure, you may want to research mesotherapy.

A Growing Social Problem: Cyberbullying

The growth of social media has been dramatic and it has become integrated into mainstream life. Unfortunately, within social media there is little to no regard for what is said, and it can become open-hunting season or a playground for the bully types.
How Music Is Used as a Torture Technique

How Music Is Used as a Torture Technique

It sounds like a joke: a mom telling her teenage daughter to Please shut off that music; its torturing me! Or dad chiming in: Turn it down, son; youre killing me with that racket!
Microwave Popcorn Toxic

Pass the Popcorn?

Perhaps its not pass the popcorn, but pass on eating the popcorn if its microwaved or bought at the movie theater.
Colon Cleanse

Colon Cleanse Trends: The Truth About Cleansing

Many physicians are fielding questions from patients about detox or other scheme diets and colon cleanse products these days. Other patients are just listening to the hype and trying these fad diets, diet scams, and cleanse products (often to help lose weight) without consulting a medical professional.
Fall Foliage in America

America the Colorful

As summer slowly sizzles away, the opportunity to discover the countrys best fall foliage drives arrives. Just around this time, it seems like every media source lists their top 10 fall foliage areas around the country.
Is It Time to Ditch the Mustache?

Is It Time to Ditch the ‘Stache?

As the 1970s were ushered in, the 60s counterculture became mainstream. At that time, there was hardly a home without a lava lamp, mood rings, or at least a pet rock. Americas youth was dressing, speaking, and acting differently than previous generations. It was a time of sexual liberation for women and psychedelic experimentation. It was the era of free love, disco, and bellbottoms. Even in corporate America, one could find employees dressed in leisure suits and often sporting facial hair. Mustaches and beards could be seen in every walk of life. It was a veritable facial hair epidemic that swept across America through the 70s and into the 80s. Moustachery was in vogue and celebrities such as David Crosby, Billy Dee Williams, and Burt Reynolds wore them with pride.
Proof of Heaven

Proof of Heaven: A Skeptic’s Trip to the Hereafter

Proof of Heaven, the story of neurosurgeon Eben Alexander’s self-professed trip to the afterlife and a New York Times best-seller about the joy of being dead and coming back, addresses a basic human question: What happens after we die? This perennial question continues to provoke philosophical, religious, and existential interest. In modern times, the issue of “heaven” has garnered much attention with the analysis of near-death experiences (NDEs) and other incidents shared by people who claim to have been there, including those who say they were reacquainted with lost loved ones along the way. It’s a powerful and sensitive subject that many of us want to know more about, but not everyone is engaging in the conversation fairly.
The Wonder of Aspirin

The Wonder of Aspirin

Imagine a modern drug with the ability to reduce fevers, ease aches and pain, fight off inflammation, and act as an anticoagulant for heart disease patients. It might sound crazy, but a new drug with all of aspirin’s benefits would have a hard time getting FDA approval today. Chances are it would never make it to the FDA at all. In fact, if you were somehow able to rewrite history so that aspirin had been discovered this year, it is almost certain that it would die in the lab and no drug company would ever touch it.
Mail Order Brides

Wives for Sale: The Life of a Modern Mail-Order Bride

Gone are the days when going out to a bar or club was the most popular way to find romance. In this day and age, it’s not surprising that one-third of couples getting married in America meet online. On, for example, love seekers can sort through the profiles of hundreds of singles in their area, detailed with photos, stats, hobbies, and more, and if a mutual connection is made, arrangements are coordinated for a date. But what if you could employ the same concept of online dating to marriage? In fact, you can. International dating websites such as offer their services to help men find wives from all over the world, or in other words, modern-day mail-order brides.
Evolution of America's Craft Beer Revolution

Evolution of America’s Craft Beer Revolution

Once the emblem of the working man, beer was stigmatized as a blue-collar brew not intended to impress a sophisticated palate. That all began to change in America in the late 1970s, which was the beginning of a beer revival that still continues to increase in popularity today. The beer revolution of the past 35 years is due to the pioneering efforts of an entrepreneurial community of home “craft beer” brewers and beer enthusiasts who have responded to better-tasting, higher-quality beers than previously available.
21st Century Cigarette

They’re the Cigarette of the 21st Century, But Are They Good for You?

We’ve all seen themthose small devices that look like a cross between a cigar and a fountain pen that when puffed, deliver a plume of smoke to people’s mouths while at the same time satisfying their nicotine craving. They’re electronic cigarettes and it’s not smoke that’s being inhaled, it’s water vapor. E-cigarette manufacturers tout that their products are much safer than traditional cigarettes and are even a way for smokers to kick the addiction. However, others argue that the e-cigs are not all that they are cracked up to be and are still harmful to a consumer’s health. So what’s the deal with electronic cigarettes? Are they safe or not?
Golfing Injuries

Golfing Injuries

Spring has sprung, which means many patients are out on the golf course swinging their way to ecstasy. Most people might think that playing golf is a low-level activity without much risk for injury. After all, it’s not a contact sport, and most of the time is spent walking on meticulously manicured grass. Au contraire, many injuries can be caused by playing golf, including harm to the ankle, elbow, shoulder, spine, knee, hip, back, and wrist. We’re sure you’ve seen your share. Here’s a quick review of the most common-and not so common-types of golfing injuries you may be treating for those weekend warriors who gingerly walk into your office seeking your help.

Mediterranean Diet Recipe

Have your patients ever asked you about the benefits of the Mediterranean diet? If so, and you weren’t quite sure about the basics, we’d like to give you a quick explanation of the diet.Mimicking the traditional cooking style of countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, the Mediterranean diet is based on the healthy eating and lifestyle habits of the people living in southern Italy, the Greek island of Crete, and other areas of Greece in the early 1960s.
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