Grey Matter

Social Suicide

Why do some people commit “social suicide” or post confessions of murders on social media sites?
Fourth of July Injuries

Fourth of July Injuries

Several years ago on July 4th, 13-year-old Shane was with his dad at a backyard fireworks show. When it was his turn to load a mortar into the launch tube, it exploded in his face. The impact shattered his forehead, cracked his skull in half and burned most of his brain, said Glenda Lynch, Shanes mother. We had to take him off life support. Since the death of her son, Lynch has been an advocate for fireworks safety. According to the National Safety Council, Independence Day consistently ranks as Americas deadliest holiday. In fact, emergency rooms add staff on this day because so many people hurt themselves. But its not just fireworks that make the holiday so dangerous; its also the heat, drowning, and drunk driving that put people at risk.
The Axeman Murders of New Orleans

The Axeman Murders of New Orleans

New Orleans history is rich with tales of organized crime, corruption, vampires, voodoo, witches, and gruesome bloody murders. One of the most notorious unsolved serial murder cases was that of the Axeman.
Monsanto GMOs

Are GMOs Safe to Eat?

GMO Free. Non-GMO Project Verified. Made With Non-GMO Ingredients. These phrases are increasingly popping up on consumer food products everywhere, but what do they mean?
Fracking Causes Birth Defects

Fracking Causes Earthquakes, Birth Defects Say Studies

These days, fracking seems to be wreaking havoc all over the news, not to mention the planet. A recent study found that fracking caused over 70 small earthquakes in Ohio in March 2014, including one that was large enough to be felt in nearby towns.
Emotional Contagion

Emotional Contagion: How Your Mood Is as Infectious as a Virus

Have you ever been around a person in a particularly bad mood, only to realize that at the end of your interaction, you too have become sour? Or maybe you were around a group of giggling children and you found yourself struggling to hold back your own laughter.
Dogs: More Than Friends

More Than Friends

Throughout my life, I have always been around dogs. From my first day home as an infant to today, dogs have always been there.

The Cyberbully

Freedom of speech has turned into freedom to bully and freedom to be cruel to one another. The Internet makes it funny, adults do it, pop culture perpetuates it, and politicians support it.
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