Central Florida pain management physician Mladen Antolic, the father of 2 sons, had a thriving, sizable medical practice, Injury Mid-Florida Rehabilitation, just outside downtown Orlando. He also had a penchant for hosting wild, illegal drug and sex parties with patients at his home, where he plied women with prescription drugs.

Authorized to dispense controlled substances in Schedules II through V, Antolic’s game plan was shrewd and methodical. He targeted his young, attractive female patients. He prescribed the powerful painkiller oxycodone and other drugs to the women without adequately explaining their risks, including the addictive properties and possible death by overdose. His intent was to get these patients addicted to painkillers, thereby creating a craving in these women that only he could satisfy.

Besides his young, pretty female patients, Mladen Antolic may have found additional victims he could have gotten addicted to powerful painkillers, which he could then supply in exchange for sexual favors, when he joined a sophisticated invitation-only social business network. His profile read: “I am a doc, an M.D. My specialty is pain management. I am joining in order to meet interesting people and to network. Looking forward to it!”

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During subsequent office visits, the conniving doctor would invite these female patients, now addicted to powerful painkillers, to one of his parties at his 4700-square-foot home in Hunter Creek, where he showered them with cocaine, prescription drugs, and money in return for sexual favors. Once, he persuaded a 28-year-old woman, who was taking 8 to 15 oxycodone tablets a day, to dress in sexy lingerie while he videotaped her (the pair later traveled to Las Vegas).

Little did Antolic know that central Florida law enforcement authorities were cracking down on what they term “pill mills,” and the practice of dubious pain clinics that dispense excessive amounts of drugs to patients. Government agencies targeted rogue doctors accused of illegally prescribing powerful, addictive drugs such as oxycodone.

Mladen Antolic’s partying lifestyle eventually caught up with him when a DEA agent received an anonymous letter accusing Antolic of running a pill mill as well as disclosing his involvement with illegal drug use that extended beyond his practice to his home. An investigation ensued. Several witnesses reported that Antolic was illegally distributing prescription drugs from his home. Some of his female patients reported that they never used oxycodone before becoming Antolic’s patients, but then subsequently became addicted. It was discovered that the physician had sexual relations with 2 female patients who admitted to having sex with the 56 year old in exchange for pills.

Authorities seized more than 1475 painkillers from Antolic’s house, including almost 300 sedatives, alprazolam bars, cocaine, more than $37,000 in cash, 5 handguns, and an electronic money counter. They also found photographs of a sexual nature. In addition, investigators retrieved hundreds of text messages between Antolic and multiple women, which they said was proof that he had partied at home, paid for sex, and provided drugs to young women. Later, it was discovered that he also hid money in numerous accounts to avoid paying taxes.

Antolic was arrested in October 2010 by multiple agencies. In December 2010, he was arrested again on an additional prescription drug–trafficking charge. His Florida medical license was suspended for engaging in sexual activity with patients; inappropriately dispensing, administering, or otherwise providing controlled substances to individuals in his home as payment for sex or for recreational use; and for administering controlled substances to himself when such controlled substances were not prescribed to him by a practitioner authorized to prescribe, dispense, or administer medicinal drugs.

Antolic faced more than a dozen charges that ranged from racketeering activity to purchasing prostitution to illegally distributing painkillers from his house. He was staring at up to 156 years if he were found guilty of all charges, but instead copped a plea deal with the state for a 10-year prison sentence, which he is currently serving.


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