Women undergoing cosmetic plastic surgery to make them look younger and more beautiful are fairly commonplace. But now, men are slowly catching up. Sure, guys have been getting their share of run-of-the-mill nose jobs, liposuction, and even Botox treatments, affectionately known as “bro-tox.” Then they took it up a notch, experimenting with cheek and chin augmentation, and eyelid surgery to reduce crow’s feet, wrinkles, and that aged, puffy look from fat accumulation in the upper and lower lids. Now, some men are delving into an array of cosmetic surgical procedures to take that masculine look to a whole new level. Here’s a quick review of some of the more bizarre and offbeat plastic surgery offerings for men.

Not every man can grow a mustache of distinction

Mustache Implant

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Mustaches can be a sign of power and prestige. Technically known as follicular unit extraction (also known as follicle hair extraction or follicular transfer), this operation entails gathering hair from other areas of the male body and then surgically inserting each harvested hair follicle above the upper lip to form a thick, bushy mustache. The surgery costs up to $5000 and takes about 5 hours to complete.

How does he fare “in the sack”?

Scrotum Reduction

Some men may feel self-conscious about the way their scrotum looks—after all, it’s a sagging sack of skin swinging between their legs. Now guys can tighten and raise their scrotum so it doesn’t sag so low, which some men feel makes its appearance more attractive. Enter cosmetic scrotum reduction surgery. This testicle tuck and tightening procedure can be performed in a 2-hour outpatient surgery; the excess skin of the scrotum is simply excised. Plastic surgeons who perform this operation report legitimate medical reasons to have a scrotum reduction. Scrotal tissues can get stretched over time. An excessively stretched scrotum may touch toilet water when a patient has a bowel movement. Or the low-hanging skin can get trapped in a bicycle seat and cause pain, and it can cause irritation to upper inner thighs as well as cause discomfort in tight-fitting clothes or underwear. The surgery costs around $2000.

This six-pack ain’t for drinking

Abdominal Etching

This body sculpting procedure is a form of liposuction that requires a small, specialized cannula. Unlike liposuction, abdominal etching (also known as lipoetching, abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck) is also a contouring procedure. The surgery is performed by making small incisions in the belly button or following natural creases on the abdomen. Removing excess skin and carving different shapes out of the fat located in the middle and lower abdomen tightens and firms the muscle and fascia of the abdominal wall. A “suction six-pack” or even eight-pack can be achieved with this process, literally sculpting the abs into the desired contours and creating muscle definition and a more athletic appearance. Cost is anywhere from $3000 to $7000 or higher for glistening washboard abs and that Statue of David look!

This experience will put hair on your chest

Chest Hair Implant Surgery

In ancient times, a hairy chest was a sign of fertility and good health. That thought still carries through today; in most cultures, a mound of bushy hair on a guy’s chest is a sign of masculinity and virility. With hair transplants, one often thinks of harvesting hair from the back or chest and implanting the hair grafts into the scalp to fight male pattern baldness. This procedure is just the opposite. Donor hair for a chest hair implant is taken from the scalp. The only downside is that the hair continues to grow out on the chest and needs to be trimmed on a consistent basis, just like the hair on your head. A procedure typically involves the placement of 200 to as many as 5000 hair grafts, depending upon the desired density and the size of the areas to be covered. Cost could run anywhere from $3 to $6 per graph, or around $5000 to $11,000.

Chiseled chests… curvaceous calves…butt of course!

Pectoral, Calf, and Derriere Implants

Surgically slicing then inserting silicone bags can create the look of super-defined pec muscles, shapely calves, and well, a hot rear end! Guys will look stronger and shapelier but that’s where it ends because the appearance of rock-hard muscles and strength is all an illusion. However, it will definitely look like the guy spent hours at the gym working out. Pec implants can run around $7500 to $10,000; calf implants cost about $6500 to $7500; butt implants, $7500 to $9000.

Open wide and say: “Mi… Mi… Mi… Mi!”

Voice-Deepening Surgery

Guys with high-pitched, dainty voices can now sound manlier with voice-deepening surgery. Society can falsely place an undue emphasis on the sound of a man’s voice. A weak voice can be associated with a lack of self-confidence whereas a deep voice can convey strength and authority. Or a withered, raspy voice can annoy some people by grating on their nerves. The procedure is technically called fat injection thyroplasty. The surgery is performed by injecting fat into the patient’s vocal cords, adding bulk and creating a deeper-sounding voice. There’s a saying that goes: “sounding good is as important as looking good.” A change in the pitch of your voice can cost anywhere from $2000 to $5000.

We’ve reached an era where the modern man can now look and sound exactly the way he wishes.


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