Women who want a great-looking butt before bikini season—or men who are concerned about the flatness of their buttocks—may be flirting with undergoing any number of surgical enhancements, because when it comes to the appearance of your gluteus maximus, modern plastic surgery techniques and advanced cosmetic procedures offer an array of ways to acquire a kick-ass butt.

Let’s take a look at a few booty makeover procedures that can shape, lift, and firm one’s backside so it’s beach ready:

Buttocks Augmentation Surgery

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Otherwise known as butt implants, this cosmetic procedure involves inserting silicone implants into the buttocks to give them a rounder, shapelier appearance.

Brazilian Butt Lift

When you think of bikinis, you may picture Brazilian women prancing around the beaches of Rio de Janeiro in the skimpiest, sexiest swimwear imaginable, showing off their perfect posteriors by wearing what amounts to a G-string. And when you think of a sexy bathing suit for a guy, European-style swim briefs may come to mind.

If you take butt implant surgery up a notch, we have the Brazilian butt lift. In recent years, the Brazilian butt lift has been growing in popularity with both men and women. Unlike butt implants, this type of plastic surgery utilizes autologous fat transfer procedures in order to sculpt the booty a bit more precisely. The procedure begins with liposuction: tiny incisions are made into the skin and then fat is selectively removed using a cannula. Areas of the body that typically carry unwanted excess fatty tissue used for harvesting include the abdomen, flanks, lower back, thighs, and arms.

Obtaining the donor fat also plays a part in enhancing the look of the Brazilian butt lift because removing any excess fat from other areas of the body can make those areas look svelte because they are contoured by the liposuction, drawing more attention to a newly shaped backside.

Once the fat is harvested, it is washed and purified, and the highest-quality fat cells are isolated for transplant. Then the selected fat is reinserted into different areas of the buttocks: tiny, precise injections of fat are fitted at different locations and depths. The plastic surgeon utilizes his or her artistic sculpting skills to shape the buttocks. As the fat is injected, the surgeon uses massage techniques to ensure the fat is distributed as planned and to smooth the fat into the desired shape. Some surgeons inject the fat in layers to form a more natural-looking, pleasingly plump behind, but it’s really shaped by individual preference. Some women want a “bubble butt” that is round like a globe and very tight and firm. Other women desire a bigger, slightly wider yet curvier bottom. Regardless of personal preference, the idea is to create slender contours in other areas of the body while using the extracted fat to create and accentuate the backside.

The downside of any butt surgery includes the survival rate of the injected fat cells. Some fat cells will dissolve; other cells will die off. A typical survival rate is around 65% to 85%. Plastic surgeons are careful to inject the fat as deep and as close to muscle tissue as possible because initially the fat cells have no blood supply. Once they take, injected fat cells continue to grow and age with the rest of the body. There is also significant swelling postsurgery. Patients usually wear a special compression garment to assist in the healing process during the recovery phase. The cost for butt implants or for a Brazilian butt lift can be between $7500 and $12,000.

Anal Bleaching

Now that we’ve addressed enhancing the fullness and projection of the posterior, we can turn our attention to the different ways of flaunting it once you’ve got it! For a more intimate encounter, some guys and gals move on to anal bleaching, which, believe it or not, is gaining mainstream appeal in recent years. The anal bleaching trend was inspired by porn stars who thought lighter skin color around the rectal opening would be more appealing to their viewing audience. More uniform skin color is the ultimate goal, because over time, the skin surrounding the rectal opening becomes darker. Some speculate this is due to ingesting dark foods and substances such as coffee, while others believe the darker skin in the anal area is due to staining caused by bilirubin found in feces.

Anal bleaching has seeped into the mainstream media with mentions in popular TV shows, lifestyle magazines, and movies such as Brüno and Bridesmaids. In addition, Brazilian waxing has come into vogue, enabling people to show off more and more skin when wearing skimpy swimsuits or sexy lingerie. Displaying previously unseen parts of the backside created a desire in some to match the color surrounding their anuses with the rest of their bodies. What’s more, the Centers for Disease Control reports that anal sex is on the rise, prompting some participants to be concerned about their partners’ intimate views of their behinds.

There are several ways to bleach your anus. First, you need a freshly waxed anal area. Then you can use an over-the-counter skin lightener cream or gel and apply it yourself topically. These lightening agents, created specifically to lighten the skin around the rectal opening, are sold in drugstores; online outlets also sell a range of anal lightening cosmetics for the do-it-yourselfers. Certain spas also offer an anal bleaching beauty treatment; typically, after the anal area is waxed, an acid is massaged into the skin. In some instances, strong bleaching solutions such as hydroquinones are used to lighten the anal area. Cosmetic surgery centers also offer anal bleaching treatments in the form of cryosurgery or laser-based lightening procedures performed by cosmetic technicians.

Embossed Cheek Butts: An Anal Adornment

Some patients who are proud of their newly shaped, newly bleached bottom go a step further and emboss their bums! Ninette van Kamp is a company that produces undergarments that are lined on the inside with tiny glass beads designed in various patterns. After wearing them and sitting down for some time, the underwear is removed to reveal a design created from the little impressions the glass beads have generated on the skin of each butt cheek. Some salons offer butt etching as a cosmetic procedure, using Swarovski crystals on freshly waxed skin and employing a type of ironing process to create posterior patterns. There are also companies that offer a do-it-yourself butt etching kit. Although it’s only a temporary adornment of the buttocks, people can certainly make a bold statement about their behinds…and it’s perfect for a spur-of-the-moment booty call!

Why Not Put a Cherry on Top?

To complete the “designer derrière” transformation, some may opt for a barbell piercing (think belly button piercing) a few centimeters above their reconstructed behind.

After all this attention to creating a designer derrière, these body mod enthusiasts truly kick butt!


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