It’s all about individualism, expression, and the freedom to do and be. Corset piercing is a temporary body modification that can be very alluring. It consists of at least, and most commonly, 2 rows of bilaterally symmetrical piercings that create a corseted or ladder-like appearance. Some designs have branched out to include spider web–like or spherical applications. More popular as a summer look, corset piercings are often referred to as a fetish. They are frequently performed on the back, but also on stomach sides, necks, chests, thighs, legs, ankles, arms, and even faces. This body modification is not easy to care for or maintain. There are abundant issues with regard to healing, rejection, and scarring. The location of corset piercings can make care difficult, especially if they are located on the person’s back, which is hard to reach independently. Vigilance is required to avoid damage from hair, clothing, blankets, bedding, exercise, and so much more. This type of piercing can, and usually does, leave permanent scarring.

Many consider this body modification to be "special occasion" piercings. They choose to have the corset piercings applied for a function or event, worn with lace and jewelry; and when the event is over, they remove the piercings, allowing the holes to close up and heal. In the future, they may opt to have the piercings reapplied for similar purposes. Keeping them in for a shorter period of time reportedly limits the issues of infection and scarring. These piercings are most often temporary, lasting a few weeks to a few months, though it is possible for them to become permanent through a process of multiple surface piercings with jewelry. It’s definitely a high-maintenance body mod, with much associated pain and itching too.

This type of piercing is intended for lacing. It’s not recommended that lacing be applied until the initial healing period has subsided. Putting laces on immediately could cause damage by way of too much tension and could increase the chances for migration of the holes, or total rejection. Laces should not be worn at all times.

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Body piercing is usually performed in venues like tattoo shops, and it greatly varies by state as to license requirements. Some states require little to no training, with a minimal requirement of taking a blood-borne pathogen training session and then filing a licensing application.


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