Health-care has traditionally been quite an intransparent endeavor for the end user. Physicians decided what patients should do. What diet they should follow and what drugs they should take. And often times patients did not understand and did not dare asking. The result is non-compliance and non-adherence which results in a waste of money and life years.

With Dr Google being on call free of charge 24/7 a growing number of patients and lay people take to information from the web – admittedly with questionable quality at times – and challenge their doctor. Overall though we are facing a new reformation. This time we see medical literacy on the rise.

This puts quaint role and business models in jeopardy. Especially in an overly regulated arena such as health-care this does not come without tension.

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The focus of this talk is to look at patient empowerment from the view of innovation based on democratization. It bridges gaps between history, health-care and other humanities with a clear focus on those, health-care systems exist for in the first place: the patients.

Dr Tobias Gantner is a fully licensed physician. He has a degree in philosophy, economics and law. After a number of strategic and leading positions with big names in the health-care industry he founded the HealthCare Futurists (HCFs).

The HCFs are an independent international think tank in all matters related to health-care, life-sciences and medicine. Their focus is innovation and outcomes in health-care. The HCFs run health-hackathons and innovation labs with startups and established companies alike. All members share a persistent passion for patients.