About Medical Bag

Medical Bag is a one-stop publication dedicated to providing relevant daily coverage for today’s physician on call and off.

The brand utilizes expert storytelling and fact-based journalism to help doctors navigate medical discoveries, life and their practice. Our engaging news, features, op-eds, Q&As, reviews and service and multi-media pieces reach physicians worldwide.

Medical Bag is published by Haymarket Media.
About Haymarket Media
Haymarket Media Group, Britain’s leading independent publisher, is one of the fastest growing publishing companies in the U.S. It publishes leading marketing publications like MM&M, Campaign, PRWeek, and DMN.

Haymarket Media first established operations in New York in 1985, with Monthly Prescribing Reference. Haymarket Media currently publishes an array of business, consumer, and medical publications, and has offices in the United Kingdom, Germany, India, Hong Kong, and Singapore.