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Exploring the Gender Gap in Doctors’ Earnings: Time Isn’t Always Money in Primary Care

The gender gap in physicians’ earnings is well recognized — studies have shown that female physicians earn 8% to 29% less than males — but its underlying causes are a source of ongoing investigation and often vigorous debate. Shedding new light on the subject is a study challenging conventional assumptions about women in medicine —…

covid vaccine vials

As Rollout Nears, Small Practices and Rural Clinics Anticipate Challenges Storing and Administering COVID-19 Vaccines

Earlier this month, shortly after Pfizer announced that its vaccine was 90% effective in preventing COVID-19 in a clinical trial, New Jersey physician Linda Girgis tweeted to her patients: “As a family doctor, I’m seeing whole families infected with #COVID19. Please #WearAMask and keep #SocialDistance. A vaccine is coming soon.”  But despite her hopeful message,…

Dish filled with stuffing

Kitchen on Call: Sourdough Stuffing for the Busy Doctor

Stuffing, dressing or filling? A debate much like us Italians arguing over whether we use sauce or gravy on our pasta. Matters not at all when it tastes great! Whatever you call this beloved side dish, the choice of bread used in stuffing — white, corn, challah, brioche, bagels or waffles — often depends on…

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