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Nurse-Patient Safe Staffing Ratios

The Nurse in Me

As a nurse, I was protected by regulations for nurse-patient safe staffing ratios. I felt I could keep patients safe and promptly address their needs. When I became a physician, that changed. As a resident, I was responsible for up to 30 patients. This led me to ask the questions: Is that safe? How many patients are too many for one resident?

Guns Cause Autism

Guns Cause Autism

A statement likely to bring Wayne LaPierre, the president of the NRA, storming onto my doorstep. Maybe with an angry mob at his back.

I wouldnt state this, unless there was evidence.

For starters, autism is 5 times more likely in boys than girls. One in 42 boys, versus 1 in 189 girls, is diagnosed each year.

Opiate Addiction

Amy’s Choice

With prescription opiate and heroin abuse on the rise, young women battling addiction have a tough choice to make. More women of child-bearing age have to decide between weaning off methadone and relapsing or bringing a baby into this world addicted to opiates.

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