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marathon running

Lessons from the Boston Marathon – 2 Years Later

As a child I was hyper, and active. This was the early 1980s, and the name Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder was not yet invented – ADHD as a medical label was created in 1987.

My parents did not want to medicate me. They had another idea. Before I would do my math homework at night they would say, Natalie, why dont you go run around the block, to burn off some energy.

deadbeat doctor

Deadbeat Doctors or Fraudulent Lenders?

A recent news story out of Boston claimed 16 physicians had defaulted on their loans and were thus “deadbeat” and “dishonest.” But should the media be focusing on the doctors? Medical school lenders have a long history of fraudulent and corrupt financial practices, costing the government and taxpayers billions.

Fitbit Nation

Fitbit Nation

Wearable technology is everywhere. Clever marketing campaigns have caused this industry to soar. But is it all it claims to be? Can activity trackers such as Fitbit and Jawbone really promote healthy lifestyles and behavior changes?

Health Care Protest

The Protest

I joined my first protest at the age of 33, by accident. It was a protest against unnecessary violence by police officers. However, I joined for a different reason: for my patients. Health care inequalities are just as horrific and avoidable, and are the cause of significant morbidity and mortality.

Sole Train

Sole Train

Founded in 2009, Sole Train, a nonprofit youth running organization, began with only 16 children and has since expanded to include hundreds of kids and over 40 mentors throughout the Boston community. The kids (Young Soles) and mentors (Old Soles) meet either before or after school.

Puppy Bile Vomit Syndrome

Rock Eater

Three days after my new puppy Cooper came home, he vomited blood. X-rays revealed a bowl obstruction. Cooper needed surgery. He was too unstable for surgery and spent the night in the puppy intensive care unit.


The Cyberbully

Freedom of speech has turned into freedom to bully and freedom to be cruel to one another. The Internet makes it funny, adults do it, pop culture perpetuates it, and politicians support it.

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