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Jeff Forster has more than 40 years of experience as a medical writer, editor, and editorial director at Haymarket Media and Thomson/Medical Economics. He served as chief Editor for Contemporary Pediatrics, Patient Care and Medical Economics.

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Exploring the Gender Gap in Doctors’ Earnings: Time Isn’t Always Money in Primary Care

The gender gap in physicians’ earnings is well recognized — studies have shown that female physicians earn 8% to 29% less than males — but its underlying causes are a source of ongoing investigation and often vigorous debate. Shedding new light on the subject is a study challenging conventional assumptions about women in medicine —…

Corona myths

How to Dispel a Dozen COVID-19 Myths for Your Patients

Myths and misinformation about COVID-19 may be spreading as rapidly as the SARS-CoV-2 virus itself. An infodemic is vying with the medical pandemic for public attention—not surprising for a disease brand-new to the world—and poses unique challenges for clinicians trying to help their patients sort fact from fancy. Here are a dozen persistent COVID-19 myths…

A series of syringes lined in an array.

Herd Immunity 101: Explaining Vaccination Effectiveness to Patients

Detailing the importance of immunization and clarifying the concept of herd immunity to patients is a worthwhile conversation at any time but especially relevant in the COVID-19 era, rife with an abundance of information and misinformation. A good way to approach the subject is to change the terminology. “Herd immunity originally applied to farm animals,”…

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