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Jack Sonni is a writer, musician and food lover, known worldwide as the “other guitar player” in the acclaimed band, Dire Straits. He finds great joy in preparing meals and gathering friends and family at the table.

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Shrimp and broccoli stirfry in a wok with chopsticks

Kitchen on Call: Shrimp and Broccoli Stir-Fry for the Busy Doctor

One thing I learned as a single dad raising twin daughters, while working full-time as a marketing executive, was that dinnertime meals had to be quick, healthy and come with lunch-ready leftovers. And the easiest, best way I found to make those meals was making use of a carbon steel wok. While you can certainly…

champagne with poppingcork

Kitchen on Call: New Year’s Eve Bubbles for the Busy Doctor

This New Year’s Eve will be different than our previous ones. It will be intimate and essentially about refuge and reflection as we spend it in solitude or safely celebrate with our own households. Bubbles — champagnes and sparkling beverages — are forever tied to celebrations, no matter the size of the gathering. Picking the…

Empty wine glasses

Kitchen on Call: Quick Guide to Hanukkah Wines for the Busy Doctor

Gatherings to celebrate the eight days of the Jewish holiday, Hanukkah, typically center on several traditional dishes, including latkes (potato and onion fritters), sweet noodle kugel, brisket and sufganiyot (jelly donuts). For those who wish to serve wine to family and friends, certain varietals pair nicely with some of the beloved holiday’s traditional dishes. Here’s…

Dish filled with stuffing

Kitchen on Call: Sourdough Stuffing for the Busy Doctor

Stuffing, dressing or filling? A debate much like us Italians arguing over whether we use sauce or gravy on our pasta. Matters not at all when it tastes great! Whatever you call this beloved side dish, the choice of bread used in stuffing — white, corn, challah, brioche, bagels or waffles — often depends on…

chicken cacciatore in a skillet

Kitchen on Call: Chicken Cacciatore for the Busy Doctor

Also known as Hunter’s chicken, chicken Cacciatore is an easy one skillet dish with deep flavors. Although one can use chicken breast, the more flavorful bone-in thighs are best in this dish and make for a richer tasting meal. Keep in mind, recipes are a guide and not carved in stone. Love garlic? Throw in…

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