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The Gory, Gruesome and Grisly History of Surgery

British surgeon James Young Simpson summed up a 19th-century patient’s chances of survival in one pithy and pitiful statement: “A man laid on the operating table in one of our surgical hospitals is exposed to more chance of death than was the English soldier on the field of Waterloo.” And he was right. Until the…
Clinician using a computer while talking to a patient with a headset.

Physicians Ponder Telehealth’s Post-Pandemic Future

Last spring, doctors’ offices across the country were eerily quiet. Almost overnight, patients stopped coming in as COVID-19, and the fear that the novel coronavirus begat, spread through communities across the country.   Healthcare providers quickly adapted. “We were able to pivot to using telemedicine as another mode in terms of connecting with patients,” recalls physician…
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After-Shift Chill Playlist for the Busy Doctor

One of the most difficult challenges of a demanding profession, especially one that requires long hours of intense concentration, is being able to leave work behind after a shift. However, downtime is crucial to better managing stress and avoiding burnout. Creating a time of transition, when you get home and before diving into any of…

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